“Suffocate” by Cam De Leon, Plus Others

12 Comments | March 13, 2008

?Suffocate? by Cam De Leon

You really need to check out Happy Pencil, the site of one Cam De Leon, an artist in California. His art is the kind of stuff I can personally really get into; kind of perverted, raunchy, voyeuristic, and oozing with dark humor. The above drawing is but one example of this (done in pointillism by the way).

His site is also an experience unto itself, and there’s plenty of cool stuff to buy. Unfortunately it seems a bit outdated; the last news entry on his “dark side” is from Nov. 24th, 2003. Nonetheless, there’s some fantastic work here, drawing and otherwise.

?How to Draw a Monster? by Cam De Leon

How to Draw a Monster

?Infiniteeth? by Cam De Leon



  • cool. Creepy yet realistic enough not to be cartoony.
    I like it.

  • its like shrek ad smeagel had a kid….lol jk its pretty cool
    my art is a completely different genre

  • it is cool, not anything i’ve seen before but still realy cool

  • Damn good art.

  • Tool used some of his stuff in their old t-shirts.

  • Ha it just occured to me that by “Tool” you probably meant the band and not some random “tool” that stole some designs… interesting, do you happen to have any links to those t-shirts?

  • That’s a great piece of art, all the shading and the ink lines are so stylized and it’s a fantastic piece of art and a wonderful drawing, you should if you haven’t already put it on Zazzle and other similar drawings for sale, I could just see that on a T-shirt!!

  • cool drawings

  • Cam has some great art… Happypencil.com (his art site) has shirts and other goodies..

  • This is pretty cool I try to draw this free hand but it’s too difficult ya I sometimes fail but I tried today and NAILED it!

    This artist has some pure skill 🙂

  • How did you draw that pleas tell me and show me how you did it I am 9 years old I am a cool drawer I can draw a cool dragon at school I gived my teacher a very scary monster picture I drawled it miss sed that I am having nightmare of your scary picture I am having a comptishon with Eissa please tell me how to draw that thing.

  • That os soooo cooollll