Untitled (Neck in Straight Jacket) and Others by Hamid Bahrami

4 Comments | March 16, 2008

Untitled (Neck in Straight Jacket) by Hamid Bahrami

Iranian Hamid Bahrami (born 1972) is an award-winning cartoonist and graduate from the Art University of Tehran. In addition to creating many hilarious and poignant cartoons, he has created art for children books, novels, commercials, games, and animated films.

Mr. Bahrami has a style uniquely his own that ranges from the more “traditional” comic book style to caricature-like cartoons. His work is funny, ironic, and emotional.

In addition to his website, you can also find his drawings on his other online portfolio, on The Iranian, as well as an interview of him by Abbas Ghazi Zahedi.

Untitled by Hamid Bahrami

Untitled (Profile of a Cloaked Figure)

Untitled by Hamid Bahrami

Untitled (Two Figures)


  • He is really an exceptional artist, i rarely saw drawings with such a personal style. Incredible expressions on the faces.

  • his work is so unique and honest, with so much personality and life.

  • The cloaked figure’s hand really ‘speaks’ to me. The knobby knuckles and the extended fingers are so expressive and prominent. I love the sketchiness of the drawing style.

  • salas
    khaste nabashin.
    age emkanesh hast mikhastam behtarin daneshgah va keshvari ke dar un animation tadris mishe baraye maghtaee foghe lisans ro behem moarefi konin.
    kheyli kheyli mamnoon