“Dizzee Rascal: Commission” and Others by Andy Buck

6 Comments | July 1, 2008

If you’re into realistic drawings, you’ll get your share of eye candy from Andy Buck.  I like this one in particular because there’s just noone quite like Dizzee Rascal and his whacktastic beats.  Check out Andy’s page on deviantART, plus a few more below the fold.

“Doll Parts”

“Baby Hands”


  • these are so amazing i also do this kinda stuff

  • how do i make a web site for my drawings..?

  • Hi.
    My name is klyn.
    I’m 14 years old and i love to draw people. im not very good but i try my best.
    I would like to find a website to help me build my skills but have had no luck what so ever. If you could help me it would be much Obliged. Thank you For your time and i understand if you cannot help me. I’ll just keep trying.
    Klyn Signing off.

  • What’s up Klyn! Thanks for checking out the site. I gotta tell you, I feel like an asshole giving a younger person advice, because I know how I felt about getting advice when I was your age (I’m 27 now). But regardless: no matter if you are naturally talented or not, if you start drawing now and don’t stop, you will be a master by the time your my age – and probably much sooner. More importantly, the only consideration for you should be whether or not you enjoy drawing or not. If that’s your passion and you love doing it, that’s all that really matters. Just keep doing it, and IGNORE EVERYONE ELSE. Listen to your own heart.

    In terms of learning how to draw, this website is obviously a good start. Check out some of the artist and see what they’re doing, copy them, then start putting your own twist on things. Also check out this post: http://www.drawninblack.com/2008/07/01/7-tutorials-on-how-to-draw-the-human-anatomy-body-figure/
    For some tutorials on drawing human anatomy.

    Whatever you, keep rockin’!
    – Lee over and out 😉

  • Like the “Doll Parts” drawing. Looks amazing

  • Einen Wurstkalender xD ich krieg mich nich mehr!Also ich hab es mir ganz einfach gemacht, ich hab Männchen gefragt was er sich zu Weihnachten wünscht und da es etwas Preislastiger ist, wird das unter den Baum huschen und fertig. :DLiebe Gr¼29Ÿe&#Ã8Ã9;