“Brutality” and More by Jeremy Fish

No Comments | November 11, 2008

“Brutality” by Jeremy Fish

Known for his skulls and silly pink bunnies, Jeremy Fish is a skateboarder and enterprising illustrator living in San Francisco. His work is funny and odd: a surreal blend of tattoo and graffiti imagery.  Beside skateboards, t-shirts, hoodies, and ashtrays, Fish has also designed a Nike sneaker, painted a room of the Hotel Des Artes in San Francisco, and designed an album cover for Aesop Rock.  His clothing line is superFishal.

For t-shirts by Fish check out Umbrella Market and let me know if you can find an XL “Brutality” tee anywhere – it seems to be all sold out, argh.

More pics below the jump.

Here’s a great interview with Fish from Fecal Face.  Check out the full interview for more pics from his studio.

Another interview with Fish on YouTube by mpetty23:

Definitely check out some more Jeremy Fish videos on YouTube (there are plenty).

“Whale Guts” by Jeremy Fish

“Ahab” by Jeremy Fish

“Nautical Back” by Jeremy Fish