"Most Wretched Mess" and Others by Skinner

12 Comments | January 29, 2009

Most Wretched Mess by Skinner

Most Wretched Mess by Skinner

Skinner’s art is wonderfully trippy and dark, with a good dose of social critique.  Apparently viewing some of his color work through 3D glasses makes things actually look 3D!  Definitely check out more of his sick work at The Art of Skinner.

2 more below the jump.

Aztec Death God by Skinner

Aztec Death God by Skinner

Creator/Destroyer by Skinner

Creator/Destroyer by Skinner


  • yo man your art is dope im thinking about putting it in ink on my skin….. i was maybe hoping you can send me some of your latest work… your fucking sick Son!!

  • Beautiful. I love your artwork.. Definately one of a kind. Love it.

  • Your work is nice! I like it

  • sipper cup

  • love your work man! like the other guy i want to put some your work in my skin for life. tell me if you can do custom work and i am more than willing to pay

  • Just wanted to take the time, to say I love your artistic skill, you truely are a great artist.

  • woww…i want to thank you man! its very good.

  • Gracias! Feliz af1o nuevo! Que todos los eventos de este af1o la forma mejor de lo que podreda sonepur, incluso en mis suef1os me1s salvajes! Buena suerte y optimismo!

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