Caricature of Jeff Lafree by Sean Gardner

1 Comment | June 5, 2009

Caricature of Jeff Lafree by Sean Gardner

If you have a fragile self-image, don’t ask Sean Gardner to draw a caricature of you – his no holds barred style might dent that pretty ego of yours.  Seriously, he captures the essence of a person’s face and persona to the tee while injecting his own undeniably hard-hitting style.  Check out his website where you’ll fine a ton of caricatures, tutorials, and tips and tricks of the trade.  You can send him pictures of yourself to be drawn (for a modest $30) and even request to be drawn like a zombie – now how cool is that?

Sean Gardner online:


5G Caricatures (Blog)

Zombie Caricatures (Blog)


  • That’s John Lafree

    jeremy Lindstrom