"The Feeb" by Mike May

2 Comments | June 5, 2009

"The Feeb" by Mike May

The characters developed by veteran concept artist and character designer Mike May are anything but ordinary – each inhabits a unique world, suggested not so much by the environment they’re rendered in but by the dress, demeanor, and look of the characters themselves.  Mike is a also a superb caricaturist.  There’re a ton of drawings and illustrations on his portfolio site and additional, more recent, work on his blog, so if you need some inspiration, go check it out.

Mike May online:

Mike's Pencil (Portfolio)

The Feeb (Blog)


  • Not bad for an Idaho kid…….actually, darn good!! We are constantly amazed at your artwork. Dad & I looked at this together. Fun stuff…..Sure love you!!!
    Dad ‘n Mom

  • super clean

    ben burkett