"Barn Interior" by Scott Tulay

2 Comments | July 24, 2009

Barn Interior by Scott Tulay

Barn Interior by Scott Tulay

Looking at the work of Scott Tulay it should come as no surprise that he is both artist and architect.  The drawing above was the won the 2008 Wiley Award for Excellence in Hand Delineation from the 34th KRob Architectural Drawing Competition (try saying that 10 ten times in a row). There’s something very compelling about his drawings as they, in my mind, are somewhere between abstract and realistics – an interesting area for exploration; but Mr. Tulay says it much better than I could (from his website):

One of my interests in architecture is the dissolution of the edge between building and landscape. My drawing studies are an extension of that interest, as I explore the nebulous relationship between assemblies of walls, beams or groupings of trees and the landscape beyond.  This series of charcoal, pastel and ink drawings explores varying degrees of human intervention with the landscape.  Each drawing begins as an empty landscape with a perspective towards the sky.  The sky, which is completely devoid of rectilinear man-made geometries, is then layered with various degrees of human presence, whether with a simple phone pole or a complex structure.  The light struggles to penetrate these spaces as their forms are fragmented by dark shadows.  Sometimes the white of the paper is light; other times it is an object, creating spatial ambiguity.

Scott Tulay online:

Scott Tulay (Portfolio)


  • Ah, finally a new drawing. Yes, this is interesting, because one could imagine it to be of any scale, too.

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