"Tower of Babel" by Colin McAllister

5 Comments | July 27, 2009

Tower of Babel Detail by Colin McAllister

Tower of Babel (Detail) by Colin McAllister

Tower of Babel by Colin McAllister

Tower of Babel by Colin McAllister

Looking at the artwork of 24-year-old U.K. artist Colin David McAllister, you get the sense of a man on a mission.  The scale, detail, and perspectives of his drawings are immediately overwhelming; in fact, that they are really too big to appreciate on the web, as you can see from above.  You can get a close-up view on Colin’s website, Snublic, but your monitor is likely too small to see the whole picture and the detail at once.

Once you wrap your mind around the idea of how big these drawings are and just how much time, dedication, and yes obsession it must’ve taken to create these works of art, it’s then even more incredible to consider all of the time spent on researching the topic at hand.  For these works are social and political commentary as much as they are works of art, and his immense works tell incredible stories, both broad and detailed at once.  Behind these stories lurks an immense curiosity about the world and a desire to see it improved.

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  • DAMN, that is absolutely stunning! Stunning, and truly a Tower of Babel of biblical proportions. How would one even begin to start a work like this! What is the original size I wonder? Thanks for finding and sharing this one. AMAZING! People are amazing wherever you look!

  • that absolutely took my breath away! the patience that must have took………..

  • Stunning, one of my favourite interpretations of the tower out of the many I’ve seen.

  • thanks very much for the comments above, the image is actually A2 in paper size and was the next sheet in my sketch pad I decided to cover with this design, the original now adorns some ones house in Vienna and hopefully hasn;t faded too much, check out the below youtube clip to see 50 of my drawings together with good music as part of some promotion i;m currently doing, thanks again!


  • This is a beautiful and insightful drawing. I am the coauthor of a book on the sociology of development which will be published next year. Your image would be perfect for our cover. Please let me know if the rights are available and if so the price.