Philadelphia Artist: Tom Mulholland

1 Comment | August 27, 2009

Tom Mulholland - Transformers

Transformers by Tom Mulholland

So I decided to do something a little bit different this time around.  One of my other projects currently in the works is a t-shirt company: Backyard Threads.  The concept is still a bit fuzzy, but basically the idea is to give the consumer the opportunity to support their local community by purchasing a (awesomely designed, of course) t-shirts screen printed and / or designed locally.  This lead me to the idea of tapping into the local artist community for this project just to get a feel for what kind of artistic talent is passing me by on the streets everyday – on the streets of Philadelphia is, the wonderful city I now call home.  One Craigslist posting and a few emails later, I’d like to introduce: Tom Mulholland.

Tom Mulholland - Cadaver Studies

Cadaver Studies by Tom Mulholland

Tom is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, and judging by some of this artwork, he should have an interesting career ahead of him.  Beyond drawings he’s made some great sculptures as well.  I think his artist statement is something I can definitely relate to:

As my academic background and transcripts may indicate, my interests are very widespread. Not surprisingly, my work has grown to reflect my affinity for multiple genres and I have developed an utter distaste for art that pretends to be understood in only the most esoteric contexts. I envision myself as being of and for the commoner, whose exposure to intelligent and aesthetic art has been relegated to school trips and the occasional sited work. This is not because there is not a sufficient body of works readily available to be viewed, but because most artists are less interested in devoting their lives to general humanity as they are to dedicating their work to a specifically interested populace. No, it is an artists function to reciprocate, to reflect on humanity, and to express their vision in the context of that same humanity and all of its wonderful endeavors.


  • This is awesome.
    It makes me feel so amateur.
    I really love it.