Philadelphia Artist: Paul Stanek

3 Comments | September 6, 2009

Paul Stanek - Axodendriticore

Axodendriticore by Paul Stanek

Paul Stanek - Fillmore

Fillmore by Paul Stanek

As part of this local talent spotlight series, animator Paul Stanek got in touch with me and shared with me some of his amazing work.  Although primarily an animator, Paul also composes large black and white drawings as shown above.  Large-scale trippy drawings are always a personal favorite of mine, and the two above are no exception.

Paul came to Philadelphia after growing up in New York and living in Los Angeles for six years, where he attended the California Institue of the Arts and worked on his Master’s in Experimental Animation.  During that time Paul and a friend of his decided to make cell animations using t-shirts, and the U-Shirt Project was born:

Paul: “We really liked the idea of shooting each frame (shirt) on different people so when the animation was played back it would unify all these people in to one entity, with the animation in the middle being the glue.  The projects and the accompanying U-shirt Party were a smash hit, and we ended up being approached by Viacom to use a similar concept to make a few 30 second spots for Black History Month to be used on their t.v. channels (nickelodeon, vh-1, etc.).”

You can see some of the video clips and additional information on the U-Shirt website.

Thankfully Paul also shared with me a couple time-lapse videos in which he paints directly on a pair of beautiful nude ladies, as seen below.  Take a look for yourself here and here.

Paul Stanek - Untitled (Painting on Nude Female)

Untitled (Painting on Nude Female) by Paul Stanek

Ever the Renaissance Man, you can also find Paul creating music under the Johnny Longmind pseudonym, and he’s recently been signed with a small London label by the name of End Daze Recordings.  You can find some of his music (which is actually pretty damn good) on his MySpace page.

Paul Stanek online:

The U-Shirt Project

The Arts of Paul Stanek (Portfolio)



  • that is some pritty trippy stuff. But what throughs me off is the crazy resembelence it has to my art. I also got a garffiti background so it makes mine look a bit different. I have also never seen ur stuff beffore. It would be great to hear back from you

  • im not sure how intrested you are in other styles of art but if you intrested you can go on my facebook page tommypirk, & check out some of the worst stuff ive done, for im not sure if im ready to put on the good things & have someone steal them before a copywrite is done. Im sure you understand. Im new to the art world & drawing so i got a ways to go. I have enjoyed your style of craziness. Well if you go on face boook send me freind request with message stating whom u are. K peace Tomm

  • I was wondering how large you go with the black and white drawings

    Corey Palmer