Interview with Scott Move

3 Comments | January 8, 2010

Scott Move - Untitled (Zombie Head)

Untitled (Zombie Head) by Scott Move

Jim Phillips on acid – that’s kind of what the art of Scott Move reminds me of, and why I was so excited when he got in touch with me.  The interwoven imagery looks almost like the T-2000 burning in the molten steel at the end of Terminator 2;  the clear black lines have a visceral and uncompromising feel to them.  Can’t wait to see more of these kind of drawings.

Scott graciously agreed to fill out the Drawn in Black Artist Interview, so here’s what he had to say:

DiB: Where did you grow up? and where do you live now?

Scott: Essex in the south east of the U.K.

How old are you?

Never ask an artist his age! I’m 33.

What is your educational background? What, if anything, did you study?

I studied art at school and college until I realised it was a bit of a huge waste of time for me. I learned all the basics from my mum and the rest was all guess work and a series of mistakes.  I don’t want to draw apples thanks.

How do you make a living?

Unfortunately I have to work a full day every day in construction. Theres no way I can make enough money from artwork to pay my rent and increasing phone bills. I dislike the work i do immensely, but can’t survive without it. Hopefully I can one day start to make a living creatively but until then, its a double life for me….

What does “art” mean to you?

I really have no idea. Some kind of expression of feeling or emotion. Whats the correct answer to that?

Scott Move - Trauma

Trauma by Scott Move

How long have you been making art, and what role does that play in your life?

I’ve been making art for years, with the encouragement form my mum to do something creative every day, no matter what. I still try and do that. It plays a huge part in my life now as I spend nearly all my spare time drawing stuff (and then re-drawing it) – either for myself or for some kind of commision. I tend to feel like I’m wasting my time if I’m not drawing, I get a bit irritable.

What role does drawing play in your work?  Is it a means to an end, or an end in and of itself?

Well, as far as my artwork, its all I really do, so its the begining and the end. I dont have the patience or the skills to use computer programmes so its all hand drawn or nothing at all. Very time consuming but i like it that way.

Are there any people that influenced you that stand out? What current artists do you follow?

There are hundreds of artists that are influential, far too many to mention. I think anyone who does what they do from the heart is pretty much doing it for the right reasons. Theres some truly incredible artwork out there from all eras, its all an influence at some point. Nothing is original.


Thanks to Scott for taking the time to answer these questions and sharing his artwork.  You can find Scott online at his blog I SAW NOTHING, on MySpace, Twitter, or Fecal Face.

Scott Move - Everything is Under Control

Everything is Under Control by Scott Move

Scott Move - Untitled (Filled with Hate Flyer)

Untitled (Filled With Hate Flyer) by Scott Move

Scott Move - Yoink

Yoink by Scott Move

Scott Move online:

Scott Move on Fecal Face (Gallery)





  • As a student of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania may I have your permission so that i can put your artwork on my clothing line that im try in to start up. Your art work is beautiful i wont the world to see your work. I’m a 16 year old boy from Pittsburgh in high school ,please with the help of your work it will help me and my mom get out today’s problems. Please

    Saeed Anglin
  • howya doin? im diggin ur site! how do i submit some of my work and if i do should i copy write my work?

  • copyright your work! When you make art you are expressing yourself and only yourself can feel the emotion in the art. I agree with saeed to. Your work should be shown to the world!