Interview with Jonathan Bergeron aka Johnny Crap

No Comments | April 27, 2011

"Balloon" by Johnny Crap

"Balloon" by Johnny Crap

What’s your name?

Jonathan Bergeron

Where did you grow up?

Beloeil, a suburb of Montreal in Quebec.

Where do you live now?


How old are you?

ugh, 38

What is your educational background? What, if anything, did you study?

I am a self taught artist, who studied graffiti, punk/harcore album covers & skateboard deck art on his own time.

"BMX Viking" by Johnny Crap

"BMX Viking" by Johnny Crap

How do you make a living?

It’s a 50/50 split between “Fine” art & band shirt designs.

How long have you been making art, and what role does that play in your life?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember but I really fell into art when I started doing graffiti in the early 90’s. Around 95 I picked up the brushes when my mother gave me her set of oil paint.

I am now lucky enough to say that art is what I do, my personal escape & on top of it it’s my “Job”.

"Jackalope" - Johnny Crap

"Jackalope" - Johnny Crap

What does “art” mean to you?

That’s a tough one. Not sure how to answer that.

What role does drawing play in your work? Is it a means to an end, or an end in and of itself?

I love drawing, I even sometime prefer looking at drawings from other artists more than their paintings. I find that it gives you a better insight to their true personality.
& there is no end.

What would you consider your “style” of art to be, if you have one?

I would fall into the Pop-Surrealist category…

"Shreddin Zombie" - Johnny Crap

"Shreddin Zombie" - Johnny Crap

What’s your weapon of choice? What medium and drawing tool do you prefer to use?

For drawings, I always love pencil but most of my inking is done with a simple Pentel Pocket Brush pen. Rives paper is also a favourite.

Are there any people that influenced you that stand out? What current artists do you follow?

Todd Scorr, Robert Williams, Rick Griffin, Jim Phillips are old faves, and right now I really like Craola, Martin Wittfooth, Travis Louie & Viktor Safonkin’s artwork. I have a terrible memory of names, I could probably think of hundreds but can’t remember anything that isn’t an image. Haha.

What are you currently working on?

A couple of commissions, including a Mona Lisa/Calavera mash up for another artist as well as a couple of themed paintings for group shows at Gallery 1988.

"Sideshow Pigeon" - Johnny Crap

"Sideshow Pigeon" - Johnny Crap

What would you tell aspiring artists?

To keep at it. Try to find their own thing & to push it. It’s not easy, lots of ups & down, especially if that’s all you do, but at the end it’s worth it because you do it for yourself by yourself.

What websites can we find you on?

You can purchase my work through Yves Laroche Gallery
I have a blog that has older stuff, & I maintain a TUMBLR site until my real site is ready:

"Oldschool Line art" - Johnny Crap

"Oldschool Line art" - Johnny Crap

Johnny Crap online:

Johnny Crap

Yves Laroche Gallery (Gallery)

Johnny Crap Tumbler (Blog)