10 Tutorials on How to Draw a Cat

1 Comment | December 6, 2011

Hehe, kitteh.

So your furry feline friend has you feeling inspired, eh?  Well it is no surprise that there are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to draw the internet’s mascot, the kittayh!  But to be honest, a lot them just ain’t that good.  What I’ve done here is weeded through the garbage and hopefully retained those tutorials which I think are worth your time.

Here we go.

Simple Approach to Cats by Jack Hamm

Let’s not mess around – let’s start with the good $#!+ 😉  Jack Hamm really breaks it down, as he tends to do, in this book on How to Draw Animals, available here on scribd.com – if you want the physical thang, go get it here on Amazon.

How to Draw Cats in Simple Steps

Polly Pinder wrote a book on the topic, you can grab it on Amazon.

Draw a Cat by Helen South

Helen South has another good one on about.com. Look at the purdy kitteh!

Cat Studies by Da Vinci

How awesome is this? Even the master Da Vinci was rocking out some cat drawings – righteous!

How to Draw a Cat Head by finalprodigy

This is a nice little tutorial over on dragoart.com, How to Draw a Cat Head by finalprodigy – very nice indeed!

Draw a Cat By Carol Rosinski

This dark beauty was put together by Carol Rosinski.

Buddy on the Blanket by Carol Rosinski

Carol also has this guy, buddy on a blanket 🙂

Cat Proportion by Grant Fuller

Grant Fuller gets furry in his tutorial over on artistnetwork.com.

How to Draw a Cat Head by Drawing Pencil Sketches

Good little primer on getting the shape and proportion of your kitty right, by the fellow over at drawing-pencil-sketches.com.

How to Draw a Cat

I don’t think the artist ultimately gets the proportions just right, but you can see by this example again how to use shapes to build up your final masterpiece.

Learn to Draw a Cat By Bob Davies

Bob Davies breaking down the shapes of a cat – it’s all about the shapes man!

Now this is just funny: