Skull Anatomy for Artists

6 Comments | December 5, 2011

Here’s a quick follow-up to the post I did a few years ago on how to draw skulls.  There are some great online resources available to study skull anatomy.  If you are an artist trying to sharpen your figure drawing or portrait skills, there’s nothing quite like the internet.  WikiMedia Commons in particualr has some real gems.

Skull Front View

Frontal View of Human Skull

Skull Side View

Side View of Human Skull

Both of the preceding illustrations are from Grey Anatomy.  There are also some real skulls:

Human Skull Front View

Human Skull Frontal View

Human Skull Side View

Human Skull Side View

Here’s another poor soul (at least I’m pretty sure they’re real!); these are nicely lit and show great detail:

Human Skull Frontal View

Human Skull Side View

Human Skull Three Quarters View

Here’s another nice three quarters view, this time with a full set of teeth:

Human Skull Three Quarters View Full Teeth

There’s also this guy with a nice and interesting looking up perspective:

Human Skull Lower Frontal View

This is how the master, Da Vinci himself, drew the skull:

Human Skull by Davicini

Of course these just scratch the surface.  If you really want to dive into the anatomy of the skull and learn what each nook and cranny is called, check out one of these:

Hopefully this has been helpful, and as you can see, the internet is truly awesome and a great resource when it comes to advancing your drawing skills.  I leave you with this guy, found on Flicker Commons:

Articulated Skeleton


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