Illustration Friday: Surrender

Illustration Friday - "Surrender" by Lee Clemmer

Here’s my entry for “Surrender”, this week’s topic for Illustration Friday.  The concept here was inspired by Enter the Void, an amazing movie I think everyone should go see, which deals with what happens after death (based on the afterlife conception as written in the…

February 3, 2011

Selecting Between One Million Possibilities: Drawings and Interview with Andreas Martini

"Monstrum" (Detail) by Andreas Martini

Looking at some of the drawing art of German Andreas Martini, it might be a bit surprising to find out that he was schooled as an architect, and even more surprising that, as he states on his website, “andreas works in the field of 3d-design…

January 19, 2010

Philadelphia Artist: Paul Stanek

Paul Stanek - Axodendriticore

Axodendriticore by Paul Stanek Fillmore by Paul Stanek As part of this local talent spotlight series, animator Paul Stanek got in touch with me and shared with me some of his amazing work.  Although primarily an animator, Paul also composes large black and white drawings…

September 6, 2009

Caricature of Jeff Lafree by Sean Gardner

Caricature of Jeff Lafree by Sean Gardner

If you have a fragile self-image, don’t ask Sean Gardner to draw a caricature of you – his no holds barred style might dent that pretty ego of yours.  Seriously, he captures the essence of a person’s face and persona to the tee while injecting…

June 5, 2009

"Punks" by Mike Giant

"Punks" by Mike Giant

Few artists are as appealing to me as Mike Giant.  His clear, crips black and white drawings and illustrations coupled with his unmistakable tattoo-art influenced visual vocabulary make him one of my all-time favorite artists.  As a matter of fact, one of his Rebel 8…

June 5, 2009

“Nurse Hypo” and Others by Phillip Jackson

Nurse Hypo by Phillip Jackson Phillip Jackson, aka Jolly Jack, creator of the memorable “Sequential Art” and other online comic strips, has a great little sketchbook section to find a little inspiration.  His drawings are fresh, sexy, and humerous – not a bad combination. More…

November 7, 2008

“Force” by Justine Ashbee

"Force" by Justine Ashbee

Justine Ashbee creates these wonderfully organic, oversized drawings with Sharpie pens. As she puts it: Through this intuitive visual language, a negotiation of the visceral and everyday human experiences of beauty and pleasure, and feeling are given voice.

February 24, 2008

"Introducing Manolo!" by Pupil

"Introducing Manolo" by Pupil

By Pupil via Flickr

February 14, 2008