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“Mom” by Jason Chan

mom-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000x706 pixels)

Jason Chan comic drawings are absurdly nice – crisp, clean, and dynamic. Also check out his blog, especially if you’re into character design.

June 1, 2009

“Cinderella” by Sarah Mensinga


Comic artist and character designer Sarah Mensinga has a wonderfully clean comic style that’s very pleasing to the eye – there don’t seem to be any more details then necessary. Her characters are very fluid and dynamic, beside just being plain fun. You can also…

February 27, 2009

“Little Black Book Faces” by Rocky Davies

Untitled Document

Illstrator, designer, artist and self-proclaimed nerd Rocky Davies has some pretty slick drawings. Should be interesting for all the comic heads out there.

February 27, 2009

“Mangled” and Others by Phillip Rauschkolb

Looking at the drawings Phillip Rauschkolb has posted on his sketch blog, it’s easy to see that he’s way into comics.  Currently working at an ad agency in Portland, Oregon, his true calling is the comics industry.  He’s working on his own comic book, and…

July 7, 2008

"Baduizm" and Others by Eric Constantino

I recently came across the fresh work of one Eric Constantino, a freelance artist currently enrolled in the San Francisco State University with a major in Design and Industry.  Not only does his site – Design by 31216 – feature his not-too-shabby talents, what I…

July 7, 2008

Ink Drawing of Baltimore Magazine Illustration by Frank Stockton

Ink Drawing of Baltimore Magazine Illustration by Frank Stockton

I came across the works of Frank Stockton via the newly started “quarterly zine of literature, art, and design” Urban Molecule. I’m glad I did too because Frank Stockton’s work is simply cool. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I actually recognized one…

March 21, 2008

Cover of Fables #67 by James Jean, Plus Others

Cover of Fables #67 by James Jean

Many of you may already be familiar with the works of James Jean, whether you know it or not.  Since 2001, James has been working in the comic industry on such titles as Fables (above), Batgirl, Green Arrow, and others.

March 7, 2008

“Belle Cactus” by Niko Henrichon

Belle Cactus by Niko Henrichon

I feel this drawing perfectly displays Niko Henrichon’s ability to draw both compelling comic characters as well as bring to life vivid fantasies.

February 24, 2008

Untitled (Nazi Daemon) by Hethe Srodawa

Untitled (Nazi Daemon) by Hethe Srodawa

Man Hethe Srodawa is incredibly talented and imaginative. If you’re ever in the need for some character inspiration check out his portfolio or stop by his blog.

February 24, 2008

“Nina Wings” by Ronnie Del Carmen

"Nina Wings" by Ronnie Del Carmen

Sketches by Ronnie Del Carmen.

February 24, 2008