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How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes

How to draw the femal eye on Instructables

Eyes… the window into the soul as they say.  Below is a collection of resources on how to draw eyes to help you make sure your drawings have soul.  Have fun! Tutorials UPDATE 12/10/11: If you’re looking for even more eye drawing resources, check out…

How to Draw a Face: 25 Tutorials

Good tutorial on how to shade a face, by Brian Duey

How-To’s, Tutorials, and Step-By-Steps Books Facial Expressions Videos Online Books Drawing faces or portaits is, to me, a bit of a paradox.  It is that part of our body which most distinguishes us from others (as an identifying physical trait), but that part of the…