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Philadelphia Artist: Paul Stanek

Paul Stanek - Axodendriticore

Axodendriticore by Paul Stanek Fillmore by Paul Stanek As part of this local talent spotlight series, animator Paul Stanek got in touch with me and shared with me some of his amazing work. ¬†Although primarily an animator, Paul also composes large black and white drawings…

September 6, 2009

“Force” by Justine Ashbee

"Force" by Justine Ashbee

Justine Ashbee creates these wonderfully organic, oversized drawings with Sharpie pens. As she puts it: Through this intuitive visual language, a negotiation of the visceral and everyday human experiences of beauty and pleasure, and feeling are given voice.

February 24, 2008

Untitled (Young Girl) by Lotte Klaver

Untitled (Young Girl) by Lotte Klaver

Another Dutch artist, Lotte Klaver, has a huge amount of great ink drawings which exhibit great dynamism.

February 20, 2008