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“Brutality” and More by Jeremy Fish

“Brutality” by Jeremy Fish Known for his skulls and silly pink bunnies, Jeremy Fish is a skateboarder and enterprising illustrator living in San Francisco. His work is funny and odd: a surreal blend of tattoo and graffiti imagery.  Beside skateboards, t-shirts, hoodies, and ashtrays, Fish…

November 11, 2008

“Nurse Hypo” and Others by Phillip Jackson

Nurse Hypo by Phillip Jackson Phillip Jackson, aka Jolly Jack, creator of the memorable “Sequential Art” and other online comic strips, has a great little sketchbook section to find a little inspiration.  His drawings are fresh, sexy, and humerous – not a bad combination. More…

November 7, 2008

“Mangled” and Others by Phillip Rauschkolb

Looking at the drawings Phillip Rauschkolb has posted on his sketch blog, it’s easy to see that he’s way into comics.  Currently working at an ad agency in Portland, Oregon, his true calling is the comics industry.  He’s working on his own comic book, and…

July 7, 2008

“Tony Blair” by Rick Tulka

"Tony Blair" by Rick Tulka

Denny Smith, whom I posted about last week, pointed me to old-time friend of his, Rick Tulka. It turns out Rick is a contributor to one of my all-time favorite ‘toon rags, Mad Magazine. Rick’s site is chock full of fantastic caricatures and other works…

February 26, 2008

“Belle Cactus” by Niko Henrichon

Belle Cactus by Niko Henrichon

I feel this drawing perfectly displays Niko Henrichon’s ability to draw both compelling comic characters as well as bring to life vivid fantasies.

February 24, 2008

“Fat Pigeons” by Ryan de Haaff

“Fat Pigeons” by Ryan de Haaff

The British Ryan de Haff self-proclaimed “wannabe freelance illustrator” is pretty talented and has some good stuff on his site. You can find even more goodies on his blog.

February 24, 2008

"Introducing Manolo!" by Pupil

"Introducing Manolo" by Pupil

By Pupil via Flickr

February 14, 2008