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“Kristoff” by Richard T. Scott

“Kristoff” by Richard T. Scott

Figurative artist Richard T. Scott is an artist from Georgia and currently works for Jeff Koons as a studio painter. He studied painting at the University of Georgia and received his Masters of Fine Painting at the New York Academy of Art.

March 21, 2008

"Barge Girl" by John S. Gibb

“Barge Girl” by John S. Gibb

When I happened upon the website of John S. Gibb, it literally took my breath away. The degree of realism in these pencil drawings is mind-blowing. From the site: John S. Gibb is a leading pencil artist whose work is to be found in collections…

March 13, 2008

“Life Strands” by Hong Chun Zhang

“Life Strands” by Hong Chun Zhang

Yes, this is drawn in Charcoal. Utterly amazing if you ask me. Hong Chun Zhang hails from China.

February 24, 2008

"Snoop Dog" by WSJ Illustrator Noli Novak

"Snoop Dog" by WSJ Illustrator Noli Novak

That’s right, Snoop Dog as he would appear in the Wall Street Journal.  One of the many fine examples of Noli Novak, who’s contributed quite a number of pictures to the WSJ.  The likeness that is captured is amazing.

February 19, 2008

“The Gatekeeper” by Mike Sibley

“The Gatekeeper” by Mike Sibley

Awesome hair detail. By Mike Sibley

February 16, 2008

“3 Spheres” by M.C. Escher

"3 Spheres" by M.C. Escher

I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy before: M.C. Escher. His drawings are classic.

February 15, 2008

“Cutter” by Gwen Manfrin

"Cutter" by Gwen Manfrin

By Gwen Manfrin

February 15, 2008

How to Draw a Rose by Carol Rosinski

"How to Draw a Rose" - Carol Rosinski

Sappy, yes, but being able to draw a rose can come in handy for that special lady. By Carol Rosinski

Drawing Study of Human Anatomy by Julius Guzy

"Drawing Study of Human Anatomy" by Julius Guzy

By Julius Guzy

February 14, 2008