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Matt Cassan: Charcoal Art and Interview

Untitled (Charcoal Torso Drawing) by Matt Cassan

Matt Cassan sits down for a brief interview with Drawn in Black.  His charcoal art is splendid and I especially like his women on bed.  Thanks to Matt for participating. What’s your name? Matt Cassan Where did you grow up? Port Colborne, Ontario Where do…

February 10, 2011

"Punks" by Mike Giant

"Punks" by Mike Giant

Few artists are as appealing to me as Mike Giant.  His clear, crips black and white drawings and illustrations coupled with his unmistakable tattoo-art influenced visual vocabulary make him one of my all-time favorite artists.  As a matter of fact, one of his Rebel 8…

June 5, 2009

"Love Sketch" by Matthew Woodson

"Love Sketch" by Matthew Woodson

Finding illustrations like those of Matthew Woodson is why I (admittedly intermittenly) do this website.  His work seems fresh and relevant – small moments of beauty in a dreary world.  Definitely bookmark this one, and check out his blog if you get a chance.

June 2, 2009

"And She Turned" by Justin Cherry

"And She Turned" by Justin Cherry

The world of Justin Cherry is alien, vivid, and wonderful to inhabit.  Especially if you’re into character design, check this guy out or read his blog.

June 2, 2009

Drawings and Tutorials by Brian Ewing

"Ms. February" Line Art by Brian Ewing

Man am I glad that I checked out Brian Ewing’s Flickr page.  While there are plenty of sick drawings on his website and blog, the real action is on Flickr.  Ewing is an illustrator who pumps out amazing illustrations for band T-Shirts, posters, magazines, skateboards,…

February 3, 2009

“Nurse Hypo” and Others by Phillip Jackson

Nurse Hypo by Phillip Jackson Phillip Jackson, aka Jolly Jack, creator of the memorable “Sequential Art” and other online comic strips, has a great little sketchbook section to find a little inspiration.  His drawings are fresh, sexy, and humerous – not a bad combination. More…

November 7, 2008

Otis Sketch and Others from Chris Legaspi

Although his site seems to not have been updated recently (I could be wrong), you definitely need to check out the work of Chris Legaspi.  Rarely do you find someone so diverse in talents: from fine art to cartoon, this guy has all styles on…

July 8, 2008

"Baduizm" and Others by Eric Constantino

I recently came across the fresh work of one Eric Constantino, a freelance artist currently enrolled in the San Francisco State University with a major in Design and Industry.  Not only does his site – Design by 31216 – feature his not-too-shabby talents, what I…

July 7, 2008

“Nelly” and Others by Bruno Leyval

Every once in a while you come across art that just really grips you.  This is the case for me when I saw the works of French artist Bruno Leyval.  His brutal inks are a study of human life that punch you in the face:…

July 1, 2008

Thong Sketch by Khary Randolph

Thong Sketch by Khary Randolph

Khary Randolph has a ton of really nice sketches and full-color art on his site, especially if you’re into comics.

March 12, 2008