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Implosion Series 2 (detail) by Matt Shlian

drawings and prints

Even though primarily a “paper engineer,” Matt Shlian has some really crazy drawings – technical and yet organic; architectural chaos.

February 26, 2009

Otis Sketch and Others from Chris Legaspi

Although his site seems to not have been updated recently (I could be wrong), you definitely need to check out the work of Chris Legaspi.  Rarely do you find someone so diverse in talents: from fine art to cartoon, this guy has all styles on…

July 8, 2008

XBox Robot by Feng Zhu

XBox Robot by Feng Zhu

This robot is just one of many amazing drawings, paintings, and illustrations by imaginative Feng Zhu. There are dragons, medieval-futuristic characters, warriors, and of course, robots. And that’s just the characters.

February 21, 2008