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Eduardo Recife: Interview and Drawings

"True Love Waits" by Eduardo Recife

Eduardo Recife seems to me that rare talents who’s work is both distinctly his own and in tune with the times.  This Brazilian illustrator has an impressive list of gigs under his belt, including a cover for a New York Times article and ads for…

February 17, 2010

Selecting Between One Million Possibilities: Drawings and Interview with Andreas Martini

"Monstrum" (Detail) by Andreas Martini

Looking at some of the drawing art of German Andreas Martini, it might be a bit surprising to find out that he was schooled as an architect, and even more surprising that, as he states on his website, “andreas works in the field of 3d-design…

January 19, 2010

Interview with Scott Move

Scott Move - Untitled (Zombie Head)

Untitled (Zombie Head) by Scott Move Jim Phillips on acid – that’s kind of what the art of Scott Move reminds me of, and why I was so excited when he got in touch with me.  The interwoven imagery looks almost like the T-2000 burning…

January 8, 2010

Philadelphia Artist: Paul Stanek

Paul Stanek - Axodendriticore

Axodendriticore by Paul Stanek Fillmore by Paul Stanek As part of this local talent spotlight series, animator Paul Stanek got in touch with me and shared with me some of his amazing work.  Although primarily an animator, Paul also composes large black and white drawings…

September 6, 2009

Drawing #008 by Mathis Rekowski

Drawing #008 by Mathis Rekowski

  Although Illustrator Mathis Rekowski has some wonderfully trippy drawings like the one featured here, he’s got even more illustrations seem to me at once retro and cutting edge. Certainly someone to watch out for. You can purchase the image above at Mathis’ new store,…

June 5, 2009

"Most Wretched Mess" and Others by Skinner

Most Wretched Mess by Skinner

Most Wretched Mess by Skinner Skinner’s art is wonderfully trippy and dark, with a good dose of social critique.  Apparently viewing some of his color work through 3D glasses makes things actually look 3D!  Definitely check out more of his sick work at The Art…

January 29, 2009

“Figure Artists 2” by Jinyoung Shin

“Figure Artists 2″ by Jinyoung Shin

I just love the thin people of Jinyoung Shin, the style and cerebral qualities of her work. Her color work is great as well, very vivid and trippy.

February 27, 2008

"Leering Wine" by Simon Noynay

"Leering Wine" by Simon Noynay

In addition to this drawing, Australian artist and illustrator Simon Noynay has many great illustrations and other works.

February 15, 2008