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Interview with Scott Move

Scott Move - Untitled (Zombie Head)

Untitled (Zombie Head) by Scott Move Jim Phillips on acid – that’s kind of what the art of Scott Move reminds me of, and why I was so excited when he got in touch with me.  The interwoven imagery looks almost like the T-2000 burning…

January 8, 2010

How to Draw a Skull: 50 How-to’s, Tutorials, Studies, Photo References, Videos, and Inspirational Skull Illustrations

Skull on Tattooport

Ah, the skull. Universal and visceral, fascinating and beautiful. Symbolic of those most basic themes: life and death. We find it in pop culture, occult ritual, on shoulders worldwide; most importantly, we find it in ourselves. No wonder we see it over and over in…

“Nelly” and Others by Bruno Leyval

Every once in a while you come across art that just really grips you.  This is the case for me when I saw the works of French artist Bruno Leyval.  His brutal inks are a study of human life that punch you in the face:…

July 1, 2008